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[Natural Lip Balm with Hemp Oil] - Lick ‘er Lips Lip Balm

Want to be a baller? Shot caller? You have to buy the Bar! 12 of our super moisturizing cocktail inspired lip balms. 

  • Appletini - Green Apple with a hint of lime and soda
  • Champagne - Bubbly Champagne flavor with a fruity twist, herbal notes and a hint of vanilla base
  • Cosmopolitan - Sweet taste of Cranberry with hints of orange and a splash of lime
  • Fuzzy Navel - Great peach flavor cut with some juicy orange taste
  • Gran Marnier with Apricot - Orange liqueur flavor with hints of Apricot 
  • Mai Tai - Tropical citrus flavor with hints of sweet pineapple and guava
  • Margarita - Yummy lime flavor
  • Piña Colada - Coconut flavor with sweet pineapple to compliment 
  • Rum & Cola - Cola flavor with a lovely compliment of rum 
  • Sex on the Beach - Peach flavor with orange and cranberry accompaniment 
  • Strawberry Daiquiri - Sweet Strawberry taste with hints of citrus flavor