Bath Bombs

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Bath Bombs by Lick ‘er Lips Lip Balm
Crisp ozone notes with sea salt, orange and rose.
A blend of lily, sugared strawberries & pink grapefruit
Aroma of cream coconut.
Fabulous aroma of freshly spun cotton candy
A refreshing iced orange popsicle with a creamy vanilla filling
Lemon rinds, grapefruit with lemongrass, lily and vanilla sugar. Reminiscent of your favorite fruity cereal!
[Natural Lip Balm with Hemp Oil] - Lick ‘er Lips Lip Balm
An uplifting blend of mango, lemon & berries
Notes of mist, sea moss with dewy cyclamen petals.
An invigoration mix of aloe with lemon
[Natural Lip Balm with Hemp Oil] - Lick ‘er Lips Lip Balm

Watch our bath bombs go wild in the tub. Hand crafted and uniquely scented for a fun bathing experience.

Directions: Drop a bomb in a tub that you are ready to jump in. Lie back and enjoy the show.

5oz = 2.25" Diameter  


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Coconut Oil, Fragrance, Aqua, Polysorbate 80, FD&C Colorant.

Made in the USA